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The Lady Swimsuit is named after the retro swimsuit, it has a delicate design that transforms the silhouette, has push up bulge and thick straps, for greater sustainability of the breasts.
It can be worn as a swimsuit or body and is produced with ecofriendly fabric.

This piece is part of our Eco Line, made from Amni Soul Eco Light - (CO2) ® biodegradable fabric.

S01-Lady swimsuit

SKU : S01-Lady swimsuit
310,00 €Prix
  • This piece is part of our Eco Line, produced with fabric that:

    * It is free of toxic substances to the skin;

    * It has UV 50+ protection against ultraviolet radiation;

    * Emits less CO2 in production (responsible for the greenhouse effect);

    * Decomposes rapidly after discarding;

    * Produced with reuse water.


    92% polyamide

    8% elastane


    Measurement chart:

    M: 40 to 42
    L: 44

    XL: 46 to 48

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